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Underwater Photography by Justin Branam

About Justin Branam


Justin Branam was born in Houston, Texas on December 31, 1984, where he continues to live. He has three older brothers, including twins and an older half-brother, Courtney Branam, who is a professional in the fading art of glass-blowing.

Justin graduated high school in June 2003 after taking 4 years of photography classes. He has continued to further his knowledge of photography, as he enjoys traveling the globe, and capturing priceless moments through his camera lens.

Justin is also a very active scuba diver. He is currently a certified Divemaster with many specialty certifications including wreck diver, nitrox (enriched air) diver and deep diver, just to mention a few.

Justin is always learning as much as he can on new diving and photo techniques and trying out new things so he can take his photography skills to the next level. He also enjoys getting others involved in his hobbies and would love to talk with anyone about how they can see what few have the chance to see below the surface. Feel free to contact Justin at justinunderwater@gmail.com if you have any questions about his photo techniques, how you can get involved in scuba diving or anything else that comes to mind.





After becoming a certified scuba diver, he quickly learned about underwater photography. Since then he has dove in many locations including the Texas Flower Gardens, Cozumel, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Curacao, Bonaire, Indonesia and other various lakes and puddles he can find which are large enough to dive.

As if diving under the ocean isn't enough, Justin loves many other extreme activities. He insists on dressing up in full firefighting gear in the Texas heat to help others in need. Justin is a volunteer firefighter for Cypress Creek Fire Department in his home town and has his state and international certifications for Firefighter 1 and 2, Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations. He is also holds an international ARFF (Airport Rescue Fire Fighting) and ARFF Driver certifications. During his free time he enjoys such things as rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, skydiving and other outdoor activities.

"I have seen a thousand things most will never even dream of."

                                                 -Justin Branam